December 9, 2009

Exactly what I am doing~

Ok.. First things first. I am trying to make a very complete updated voicebank for Rikai. I think I will look at TDRloid's Yoshi on what he did for his english voice bank XD;

I am also working on how Rikai's genderbent (who might be named Reiki and be her cousin; not the cousins that come from my family but the genderbent cousin side~ ) (g+10)

I am also working on Rikai's little kid looks too. (g-30)

And I am going to try to work on Mijime's (g-10 with two pitch changes; up two, down two, and normal in audacity) Official art works.

Voicebanks that are works in progress~
Yawarakai Rippa (he is a doctor and is around 20)
Beep (she is a little; like 1.5 feet tall; rechargable robot girl Rikai found in the trash)
Yugami Rippa (completely inspired by Donka Fjord;; you will see why when I complete her/ I need his creators permission to conintue with her however...)
Okashii Shoujikisa (changed his age and height and weight XD; I need to edit each sound file and fix his oto file and he would be done~ )

I don't have names for the other Ideas I have XD; so.. yeah~ (the ideas on mainly how I want to voice some... I have at least three other concrete ideas)

Gifts and such
I am doing that one thing for Yesi-chan with Bad Apple (not going to ruin the surprise to much)
A "moving" (we will see how much I can go thru with that...) video for Sky's Tony for Yakkorase
A "Hopefully" orignal song for Siena Kotone.. but I first need to learn how to work LMMS for decent back ground music (I don't know if the vid would be movie or a PV or just a still picture yet.. I need to figure out what the song is about first ^^; )
Lipsync models~

Songs in general~
Santa Santa- an origianl by Rikai... it fails DX Don't watch it when it pops up. I want to be able to enter the oversea UTAU fest thing.. but I will get last XD I want to do a PV but I might no be able to~
I have a few songs of Rikai and her many voice g variations... just I take forever with pictures... And it doesn't help that I am doing other things on dA too XD;

I always want to make an UTAUloid meme (look up meme on dA.. it should give you an idea of what it is)

AND I never did do that UTAU game thing hmm? I fail at singing... so I might never do it.. XD;

So yeah.. Homeowrk is my main killer at the moment

Sorry for all the bad spelling and grammer mistakes...

November 28, 2009


Sorry I haven't done much on here. I will put up a few updates and such in a while. I am doing a few things...

October 25, 2009

From Y to Y

Rikai sings From Y to Y

October 15, 2009


I am redoing Rikai's voice for the last time. I am making decent english and figuring out about the high and lows. So she will have them too.

My older sister has also wanted to make an utau... whether she turns out to be like my little sister and just design it and never wants to voice it or not.. I don't know...

I have re drawn Rikai's official art now though.

Rikai Official Art by *thelonelyqueen on deviantART


Sasayaki Nunnoru's UTAU Creator
has made Rikai as a chibi She looks super confident XD

go tell her how cool it is D<

well anyways.. I can officially conclude I am kind of down. But I will get over it.. I always do... TTnTT

October 7, 2009

UTAU Goals

My next goals UTAU wise is to finish up the double lariat duet, make better OTO Files and "Box art" with better Official art for Rikai, and finish up 2 gifts. (for Tony and Camila if you wanted to know).

I.. I can't finish the oto files for Hoshi becuase, as said on my deviantArt account. My computer and my parents computer double teamed me and made half of my stuff unreadable, shortcuts to nothing, or deleted it completely. Hoshi was saved in a file that doesn't want to zip for me. I might be able to get it from my parents computer though.. Lets hope so!


LATE.. again. I need to get better at this blogging thing... Anyways~ Rikai sings Saihate. Thankies Koorima1 for the UST!

September 20, 2009

Final Reason

I had completely forgot to make a post about this XD